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If you have multiple Word documents that need to be combined (for example, if your thesis title page and abstract are in separate documents), do the following in Microsoft Word 2013:

1.  Open the Word document that will be placed first in sequential order.  Place your cursor at the end of all text (you can do this by clicking Ctrl-End on your keyboard).


Image of cursor at end of document


2. If the next document that you wish to add will begin a new section with a different header/footer or page numbering scheme (for example, going from "i, ii, iii" to "1, 2, 3", or from no page numbering to page numbering), go to the "Page Layout" tab on the menu, click the arrow next to "Breaks", and select "Section Breaks - Next Page" to add a section break.  (You do not need to do this step if the next document will continue the same section from the first document.)



3. Click "Insert" on the main menu, and in the "Text" block of the tool ribbon, click the drop-down arrow next to the "Object" icon and select the "Text From File..." option.



4.  Find and select the file you want to add, then click "Insert".



Your second document will be appended to the first one, or inserted at the point where your cursor was placed.  Note that the formatting and margins of the second document will be changed to match those of the first one.

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