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Just getting started?  See our Remote/Off-Campus Access webpage for general information about accessing Library materials remotely.  Are you seeing an error message when you try to connect from off-campus?  If so, check our detailed troubleshooting guide below.  You can also report a connection issue you are having by submitting our online webform.


Patron Authentication for Off-Campus Access form reports "Incorrect Login" when I try to log in.

  1. You must be a current CSU student, faculty, or staff member to access most materials from off-campus. Legal agreements with the Library's electronic database vendors usually restrict off-campus access to currently-registered CSU students, faculty, and staff only.
    • See Services for Alumni and Courtesy Patrons for more information about services available for non-current students and guests, including on-campus access to online materials.
    • If you are registered for a future semester, your library account will not be activated until the beginning of the semester for which you are registered.
    • If you just registered for classes in the past few days but your account is not yet active, call User Services at (216) 687-2479 to verify your account status and have it updated.  There are sometimes delays in the transfer of account information to the Library.
  2. Make sure your browser is set to allow cookies and JavaScript.  Test this using the OhioLINK Cookie Check page.
  3. Be sure to enter your first and last names EXACTLY as they appear on your Viking ID card or in your CampusNet account. If there is a "Jr", "Sr", "III", or other suffix after your last name, you must include it in the Last Name field (e.g., "Smith III").  If you do not have an official last name, use "Lnu" (for "last name unknown").
  4. Clear your browser cache in case it has saved old or corrupted login information.
    1. Instructions for Google Chrome
    2. Instructions for Microsoft Edge
    3. Instructions for Mozilla Firefox
    4. Instructions for Safari
  5. Create or reset your PIN.

If none of the above steps resolve your problem, contact us by completing the Electronic Access Troubleshooting Form or calling User Services at (216) 687-2479 to have your account status verified.

Patron Authentication for Off-Campus Access form reports "Access Denied" when I click on a full-text link.

  1. Articles in certain databases (e.g., "Westlaw U.S. Law School") are restricted to current Cleveland-Marshall College of Law students, faculty, and staff only.  If you are not affiliated with the College of Law, try to access the article through another database, or request a copy using the Library's Interlibrary Loan service.

When clicking a link or completing the Patron Authentication for Off-Campus Access form, my browser times out or shows a "Page Not Found", "Cannot connect", or "Connection reset by peer" error.

  1. Some government organizations (schools, libraries, hospitals, courts, etc.) have started blocking access to all proxy servers by default as a general security precaution.  If you are trying to access online materials from one of these organizations, contact the IT staff at the institution and ask them to unblock network access to for ports 80, 443, and 2050.
  2. Try clearing your browser cache.
    1. Instructions for Google Chrome
    2. Instructions for Microsoft Edge
    3. Instructions for Mozilla Firefox
    4. Instructions for Safari
  3. Try disabling your browser add-ons.  Some add-ons such as citation programs, other proxy services, and add-ons containing adware or malware can redirect your browser traffic through conflicting servers and cause interference with the secure connection to the Library's proxy server.
  4. Check your Internet settings to make sure they aren't using another proxy server:
    1. Windows 10: Click the Windows start button (in lower left of screen) > Settings (looks like a gear) > Network & Internet > "Proxy" tab.  Under "Manual proxy setup", if "Use a proxy server" is on, try turning it off.
  5. Check that your antivirus/firewall suite isn't blocking proxy port access (this happens frequently with McAfee, Norton, etc.).
  6. Scan your computer for malware.

Google Chrome shows the error "A System Problem has Occurred.  To begin a new session, please login again."

  1. This can happen if you have Zotero Connector installed and allowed it to automatically redirect requests through the Library's proxy server.  To fix this: right-click the Zotero Connector icon, select "Options", and then the "Proxies" tab on the left.  Uncheck the "Enable proxy redirection" box.
    Zotero Connector Proxy Options

A research database is taking me to a "Sign In", "Select Resource", or "Open Athens Login" page.

  1. You may be using a bookmarked page that has expired.  The URLs for many resources accessed off-campus contain temporary session information that expires within an hour or two.  Vendors also frequently change the URLs of resources on their website.  When possible, use "permalink" addresses to bookmark materials you want to access again in the future.
  2. You may have tried to connect to a database directly without completing the Library's "Patron Authentication for Off-Campus Access" page.  Go back to the Library's home page and try accessing the database from one of the links there.
  3. You may need to clear your browser cache.
  4. You may need to allow Javascript or cookies in your browser.
  5. There may be a problem at the vendor's site or with the Library's proxy links or proxy server.  Please notify the Library about the issue by completing the Electronic Access Troubleshooting Form and specifying the database and resource you are trying to access.

I am getting the error "Maximum download limit reached" or "Your account has been temporarily suspended due to excessive downloads".

  1. The library's off-campus proxy server has a maximum daily download limit as a precaution against hackers and illegal mass-downloading, but students and faculty sometimes reach it while doing legitimate research.  The excessive download limit should reset itself automatically after four hours; try accessing the resources again later.  Contact us if you are still unable to access articles after this waiting period.
  2. Some vendors also impose their own limits on the number of articles that can be downloaded in a period of time.  Complete the Electronic Access Troubleshooting Form to let us know about the problem if it persists for more than 24 hours.

I am getting the error "The maximum number of users from Cleveland State who can search this database at one time has been reached."

  1. Some database vendors restrict use to a limited number of simultaneous users. Wait a few minutes and try again.

I can't access the Electronic Course Reserves for my class.

  1. Some course materials are password-protected for use only by students currently enrolled in the course. Your professor will give you the password if one is needed - check your syllabus, contact your instructor, or ask at the Library User Services Desk (216-687-2479) or the Reference Center (216-687-5300) for help.  Be sure to have your course number (e.g., ENG 102) and your instructor's name handy.


If you would like additional help, please contact us by completing the Electronic Access Troubleshooting Form or calling the Library Reference Desk at (216) 687-5300 during open hours.



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